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WHAT a great spot to get a good sauna session in? 😅 SAUNA BENEFITS

WHAT a great spot to get a good sauna session in? 😅 SAUNA BENEFITS

30+ mins with the fire pumping on max🔥, eucalyptus infused water on the hot stones, my metal jewelry nice and HOT. Can you tell I have a pitta leaning constitution?

Yum. I love the hot air entering my nostrils, my heart beating fast while I'm resting in stillness. Beads on beads of sweat coming from the pores in the dry heat - wipe it dry to sweat some more.

Heat moves ama and excess dosha into the GI tract to be eliminated by any combination of 5 therapies referred to as panchkarma in ayurveda. When I work my patients, my cleansing methods are typically not extremely intense, can be VERY effective in moving the body into balance for the right patient.

Swedana or 'sweating/heating' practice is something that is near and dear to my specific practice. Every doctor has a different style and incorporates different medicine in their practice. Agni, Surya, Savitur - God as heat, hearth, warmth, the rays of dawn, the light of the noonday sun - by this divine grace my medical practice is guided.

Aside from assistance in opening detoxification pathway from the skin  - hormesis or beneficial stress on the body upregulates beneficial processes like apoptosis, WBC/TNF alpha activation -- among others. Pure elemental healing.

From my early days in med school I have been an advocate for warmth in health. I founded a 'Sauna Seminar' where students met in the sauna to discuss literature related to these benefits. There are so many ways to apply life giving warmth of agni in healing - from locally applied steam/stones/medicated compresses, to solar swedana, to steam shower, to dry sauna. It's now an honor to integrate these modalities in the context of ancient wisdom using fine tuned plans to help my patients.