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Welcome To the Office of Dr. Joseph Van Hanovnikian MD

Holistic Medicine informed by the ancient (ayurveda) and Modern.

**Reminding you of your coherence with life so you can feel good and thrive in freedom and dharma.

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Patient Wins

I cannot say enough about how this doctor has changed our life. His approach to medicine is the best of both worlds! - Matt P.

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Patient Wins

Dr. Joe has a vast wealth of knowledge that one will not find through the traditional medical path or even after spending days of research online. His approach is very unique, thorough and customizable to each one of his patients. He is also a kind human which reflects in his empathy and care towards his patients' outcomes. Highly recommend! - Julian K.

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Patient Wins

I’ve been working with Dr. Joe for close to a year. He’s helped me navigate many health and spiritual issues. Dr. Joe’s vast knowledge and wisdom allows for complete trust and confidence in his recommendations. There’s a lot of health options out there but Dr. Joe is who I go to first for ANY medical/spiritual issue. - Brent R.

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Dr. Joseph Van Hanovnikian M.D. was trained in Internal Medicine at Los Angeles County Hospital + USC in Los Angeles, CA after graduating with Alpha Omega Alpha Honors from the University of Illinois College of Medicine. His approach is profoundly holistic and through a refined lens of vitalism and ayurveda.



"I came across Dr. Joe on Instagram and found his content informative and educational. I signed up for the 90 day transformational program and since then implemented Ayurvedic cooking and herbs into my lifestyle. Dr. Joe offers both holistic and traditional medicine and is very well informed in both fields. I like Dr Joe because he’s highly articulate, educated and informative. He doesn’t just prescribe medicine he gives you tools and information you need to heal yourself." - Miriam

steps toward healing and transformation is a wildly courageous act.

Thank you for taking the brave initiative to take care of yourself and, by proxy, showing up for others and the world around you.

My name is Dr. Joseph Hanovnikian or 'Dr. Joe'. I studied allopathic medicine at the University of Illinois and later completed training in Internal Medicine at the Los Angeles County Hospital residency program with the University of Southern California.

It's an honor to be here to serve, especially during the time of this beautiful transition and awakening to potent ancient modalities.

I want you feeling better. I want health to be an afterthought for you; a prayer to be grateful for- so you can get onto your greater mission in life.

- Dr. H.


Some areas of interest:

-Gentle Gut Reset / Detox
-Fertility / Virility
-Mental Health
-Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation
-Autoimmunity and Inflammation
-Hormonal Health
-Heart and Metabolic Health
-Weight and Metabolism
-Swedana (Sweat Therapy and Sauna)

I work with functional medicine laboratories as well as local conventional laboratories in order to obtain baseline studies with which we can start developing a *personalized healthcare plan*.

The true strength in my practice is diagnosis through history and exam. Talking with patients on an in-depth level - we can uncover root causes of disharmony and then put a plan in place to incorporate medicinal therapeutics, ancient approaches to nutrition, and key lifestyle and mindset changes to bring health to every aspect of our life.

A holistic approach includes looking at all aspects of life - from daily habits/routine, to relationships, to psyche, to stressors, and physical/biochemical examinations — we can together find the seed causes of all imbalance.

Every patient is different. Schedule an intro call with me and let’s talk more about how I can empower you and be your champion to find a flow state of ease in the body.

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"As a medical provider myself, I place a high value on any MD who understands that conventional medical care is not healthcare, but sick care. Giving me a medication to calm down symptoms and not even attempting to investigate the cause is not quality of care.. thankfully more and more doctors are catching on to this truth. Dr. Joe is such a gem because he not only understands what true healing is, he practices with his heart and soul, and uses his expertise in Aryuveda to cultivate true health for his patients. He has gone above and beyond to help my friends and family that I have referred to him, for which I am incredibly grateful. If you’re looking for an outstanding doctor who truly cares about you as a unique individual, look no further than Dr. Joe." - Prescott

Food as Medicine

“Let thy food be thy medicine.” - Hippocrates

This does not have to be a journey from zero that you have to embark on by yourself. I walk the talk of this being perhaps the most empowering modality to achieving health in the body if one can speak in the language, the VERNACULAR, of FOOD as MEDICINE.

For this reason, I believe that the medical doctors of this new paradigm that I hope to usher in can teach the people they help to COOK FOOD MEDICINALLY in their own kitchens.

This entails what medicinal spices to use for any given condition, how to support the microbiome, how to fast, how to cleanse, how to flow with the seasons of life.

This is necessary information that we as human beings need to live and breathe in our culture — for the sake of our loved ones, our friends, our relatives, our communities.


Learn about my Services.

You can learn about what I do by booking a 20 minute introductory call in the menu above.

From there, we can discuss what the best healing approach will be for you.

I am very excited to have honed my skill into a beautiful arc of healthcare delivery. I think it will change the model in which holistic medicine is practiced. Over 90 days, through strategic evaluation and intervention - we approach ailment with a discerning eye and imprint tools necessary for self maintenance of the vital harmonic so that health is sustained through the duration of this container.

It's all about getting to the root cause of disease and developing a personalized plan that can be implemented effectively and efficiently. In person work focused on disarming patterning in the nervous system to connect deeper to the nurturing universal harmonic of life.

This takes a full intake - typically 75 minutes in duration to achieve. After which, we can truly build a relationship where I can check in and strategize with my patients for a shorter check -in during subsequent visits.

I have found that my complete tailored intervention from the get go can be overwhelming.

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Thank you for supporting true, holistic healing for our collective first step into the new paradigm of health sovereignty and wellness.