Vital Harmonics


  • A 6 week group container for you to embark on on a transformative jour new of anchoring the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda into your life to harmonize your mind, body, and spirit, and tap into your fullest potential. 
  • We will have 3 Group Integration Calls Sundays at 4pm PST | 7pm EST 
  • Lifetime access to course material (presentations and prep. notes)
  • Lifetime access to my 7 day recipe guide
  • Be a lifetime carrier of the knowledge of medicinal alchemical cooking. Harness awareness of the maha bhooti(5 elements) in your delivery. Learn the rhythm of the season, the day, and the process. Expand your sovereignty as being able to align and heal yourself and others in the kitchen.
  • Certificate of Completion signed by Dr. Joseph V. Hanovnikian MD

Course Curriculum is as follows: 

Week 1: Introduction to Ayurveda/ Doshas 
Week 2:

Rasa and Guna: 6 Tastes & 2 Qualities
Week 3: Medicinal Cooking Demo + Accessing Recipe Guide 
Week 4: Techniques of Medicinal Extraction 
Week 5: Case Studies + Takeaways 

This course will cover the following concepts:  

  1. Orientation to the concepts of Ayurveda.
  2. What are qualities we need to consider in each ingredient?
  3. What is ‘Rasa’, ‘Virya’, and ‘Vipak’ and how does this apply to
  4. How can I orient to my place of agni (place of food preparation) and honor the placement of ingredients, medicine, stove-top, utensils, cookware as it best relates to appropriate positioning (vastu) and usage. 
  5. What is ‘Dinacharya’ and how does it apply to my food preparation process?
  6. Preparing ghritam, decoctions, teas, medicating oil for food, abhyanga and nasyam. 
  7. Awareness of the panch bhooti and how it applies to specific techniques in medicinal cooking. 
  8. Rhythm of preparation, what transforms the mundane ‘food, carbs, protein, fat’ into MEDICINAL ALCHEMY? 
  9. The elements as they relate to different preparatory methods: pan, steam, oven, fry, pressure, tension, boil.
  10. What materials, utensils, cookware to use?
  11. Anupana (vehicle / carrier) and water discussion. 
  12. Review of core concepts that can be apied at home and during travel - how can we be adaptable and sovereign when it comes to food preparation?
  13. How can core concepts and techniques be applied when our ideal produce, spices, materials may be unavailable? Versatility and adaptability discussion. 
  14. How do we ‘pay it forward’ and integrate our awareness in the culture that we are creating for our families and subsequent generations?

As part of this sign up you will gain access to course discussions and materials. All communication will be held via email. Please make sure to put in the correct email address upon checkout. 

Look forward to meeting with and interacting with you all. Much love and viva.

Dr. Joe