Vital Harmonics


Dr. Joseph Van Hanovnikian M.D. was trained in Internal Medicine at Los Angeles County Hospital + USC in Los Angeles, CA after graduating with Alpha Omega Alpha Honors from the University of Illinois College of Medicine.

His approach is profoundly holistic and through a refined lens of vitalism and ayurveda. Dr. H’s intake and care plans are comprehensive and address the fundamental roots of dis-ease in the people he works with. His foundations in modern medicine and his continued education ancient knowledge that has stood the test of time provides a formula for unprecedented support in healing.

Dr. Hanovnikian’s clinical interests include the root of auto-immune conditions, gut health, mind-body medicine, the gut-brain axis, as well as hormonal balance as being a cornerstone in a healthy physical body. His expertise spans the treatment of hypothyroidism, subclinical hypothyroidism as well as polycystic ovarian syndrome. He has experience in the fields of nephrology, oncology, neurology, rheumatology, dermatology, pulmonology, hepatology, cardiology, gastroenterology as well and can provide an adjunct integrative support structure if a patient is being followed by any of the above specialties. 

He is well versed in mind body connection and his approach addresses programming within the mind alongside somatic therapies and plant based therapeutics to create dramatic shifts in patient's vital frequencies to achieve  harmony with the great sustainer: the all-immersive frequency of planet Earth. 

Dr. Hanovnikian is considered a way-shower in his field, bridging the gap between the fields of allopathy and holistic medicine. While allopathy looks at the particular 'alo' organ, bone, tissue - a true holistic approach looks at not only the material body but also causal, emotional, astral, and spiritual bodies.

It takes a certain sensibility to approach a patient this way, and there are very few practitioners who can provide a foundation in conventional care but expand this foundation to the true infinite expression that is a human being.

It is Dr. Joe's mission to provide this avenue and example into what a truly comprehensive and effective approach to health can be. Vitalism and Ayurveda are the powerful modalities that he has integrated into his practice that are supported by ancient wisdom and the caretaking of many generations of human life. Vitalism is an approach very parallel to ayurveda as it looks at elemental balance within the organism but also applies investigation of signature patterns of pathology or dis-ease in the patient and correlating this signature with specific vital signatures in plant, mineral, chemical or energetic practice interventions.

Dr. Hanovnikian happily consults via teleconsult with patients from all over the world who are seeking non-pharmaceutical applications. He also serves patients in person within the Southern California area out of his home office in greater Los Angeles. His practice is focused on developing a personalized medical approach using diet, nutrition, and lifestyle approaches.  Many of Dr. Joe's patients are referrals from other health care providers who require his unique skills in dissecting the patient’s case and implementing personalized strategic approaches.