Vital Harmonics


Over the last 10+ years, I have cultivated a cooking vernacular typically using one saucepan and an iron skillet to help heal my body and provide therapeutic meals to loved ones and family.

I often recommend certain cooking techniques to patients and in this guide is a culmination and comprehensive outline of these techniques using some all-star subcontinental (India) and traditional staples from my motherland (Greece/Levant) as well. 

These meals contain a micronutrient, aromatic, and alkaloid profile that is designed to enliven vitality and support digestive agni (fire) within the body to help burn away toxic excess (ama). The value contained herein is immense and I want to make this available broadly so it can permeate home kitchens around the world and help foster a culture of sustainability and sovereignty. 

If we can take care of ourselves in the kitchen and garden -- in a pointed and effective way -- we have strength moving forward as a human family. I am so happy to offer my piece of the collective pie in the form of this guide. 

Thank you so much for your interest and for your very valued support. It means a lot. Wishing you health, strength, and happiness.

-Dr. H 


Details: 2-3 in-depth recipes for each day which total to 23 information-dense pages.