Vital Harmonics

A bit about my journey in healthcare.

A bit about my journey in healthcare.
ℹWhen I started my medical journey, I knew that I had to climb to the top of the pyramid. I wanted there to be little doubt surrounding my accumen, my expertise. I had the intention to make waves but I didn't know in which direction.

♾If I was going to use my valuable time and attention to gain knowledge, I figured that it must be a study of the true and universal, not some random ideas of confused men. 

👊The application of a study of nature and life made sense. Get to the core, the coeur, the heart. If I was going to do it, might as well pursue it in a way that gave me the most freedom to practice. I knew I had a lot to deliver and 'the MD' would be the vehicle. If I had to summarize in one word - consistent with my ethos: 'freedom'.

🩺That's why I studied my ass off. Any forseeable obstacle, I wanted out of my path. Sri Ganesha as my witness and ally.

👁The path is quite ripe with possibility as an internist. I saw visions of practicing holistically, applying the wisdom and knowledge that I use in facilitating ease in myself and inner circle with my patients as well.

🎯The notion of compromising the expression of these tools to cater to a crumbling status quo became too painful to endure -- I mustered the courage to sacrifice a steady income and go 📶100% into what I knew in my heart would use all of me -- my energy, my passion, my faith, my connection with the ancient and undeniable, the little knowledge I have gained in ALL of my experience  -- to start making people feel better. Taking inventory of myself and letting that beauty FLOW to where I can serve -- to really meet people where they are and get them feeling👏better👏.