Vital Harmonics

The Power of Our Desire to Feel Better!

The Power of Our Desire to Feel Better!
❇DESPITE ANY WAY WE MAY BE LED TO BELIEF - our authority over life, our experience, our emotions starts with this breath. This spirit within us carries our will like wings flapping to the most graceful horizons.

🔸️Every breath directs prana, life force energy - the subtle moving energetic quality of vata dosha - through our majja dhatu (nervous tissue) to the sympathetic plexi and ganglia that make our nervous system.

🔸️These plexi and ganglia often innervate endocrine tissue (hormone producing glands) as well as align with the energy center system many are familiar with, the wheel/chakra system popularized by vedic tradition.

🔸️With our WILL aka DESIRE, PRANA, and TIME -- we can move and pump the body's chemical faculties to serve our highest, most aligned harmonic of life.

🔸️The pulse of life within us is nothing short of magic; of a neverending stream of miracles from one process to the next. The first step in shifting health in miraculous ways is to acknowledge and revere this miracle as it is. From here we step into a morphogenic field of boundless cababilities.

✅My job as a facilitator of life is to communicate this pure magic through my words and the compounds and frequencies this Earth has availble. My job is to communicate this story of life in a way where it meets you ready and awake with vigor to grab the pen and continue expressing this miracle of remembering, healing, celebration, and love in your own divinely unique way. You are power Itself. God bless - Dr. Joe