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Regarding Fermented Foods...

Regarding Fermented Foods...
🆗️ The truth is that ferments are not all created equal.

So how do we incorporate these foods in a healthy way?

🛅Balance is key! The theme here is that fermented foods are like a match lighting a flame of culture in the gut. They need fodder. That fodder is starch (prebiotic). Ex: basmatic rice, yogurt lassi after a meal as pachana balancing it with some cooling mint to avoid over stimulating with sour taste. Kimchi with rice and light protein -- not just natto and meat for example: this is very heavy, very tamasic, very kapha exacerbating and can lead to bloat, gasiness, lethargy, and toxicity.

🔔Please, please save yourself discomfort and heed caution when using these powerful and rejuvenating foods. If in doubt, balance sour ferment with cooling condiments, avoid excessove salt and dilute with health carbs during the meal.

🥼If still in doubt, give me a ring.