Vital Harmonics

My journey in the medical space.

My journey in the medical space.

🧿No shits and giggles here. I’m not playing. The amount of multifaceted experiential wisdom that I have cultivated over the years I feel, IN EARNEST, is unprecedented for most ‘health care providers’ that I have encountered.

I started my health sovereignty journey in depth when I was about twenty years old. I had always dreamed of living independently off the land. Being able to take care of my family. No dependency on any institutions or doctors. At the time, I was experiencing some tooth sensitivity. I freaked out a bit because the program that I needed to have access to a dentist played in my head. “

“Oh shit, I do depend on the system! I need a dentist! $&@“

Then, I happened to stumble on the Weston Price book on Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. This was over a decade ago. I learned that people in harmony with life, eating rich foods and drinking spring water rich in minerals — had no need for dental care. Their teeth were great, mouths well
formed; no need for orthodontics. The jam and toast fed westernized populations needed dental care.

This liberated some of my programming and I was able to look for answers beyond the status quo concepts in my field. It started a continuous quest for solutions, whatever the situation might be. All in the scope of SOVEREIGNTY of health.

Fast forward to my years in medical school. I was what they call a ‘gunner’ ... someone who lived in the library and had a goal of acing every test. I was grateful for the opportunity to further my knowledge of human physiology and the human body for the sake of myself, my patients and future family.

My mind would be moving so fast, I would prime my system with the most nuanced nootropics - I would literally close my eyes to sleep at night (knowing that sleep is imperative for memory consolidation because I had worked in a learning and memory lab in university) AND see words and figures zipping across my closed eyelids. I would be so amped up I’d stay up all night before big exams, reading and re reading notes - even though I wanted to sleep.

I still aced the tests but at a handicap. It became my mission to figure out a way how to put myself to sleep by becoming conscious of my autonomic nervous system (my flight or flight response).

With prayer, breathing, and meditation - I was able to overcome this handicap and activate my melatonin secretion pathway. This expanded my awareness of how we can consciously affect the autonomic nervous system to our benefit.

As my journey into the yogic sciences deepened, my spiritual evolution progressed. I discovered/remembered different technologies that allowed me to give the energetic rivers and tributaries (nadir) in my body tune ups and amplification of my energy capacity (prone/qi). All the while I was heavy in my training, progressing to hands on patient care. This prana nourished my vocation and my journey in the vocation of medicine gave purpose to my development of this energy awareness.