Vital Harmonics

The future of health care. A medical care package designed to create sustainable health in patient's lives. A supported journey to sustained vitality and ease in life. 

What does the VHUR Immersive Intensive comprise?

  • 90 minute full patient intake where all harmonics patterning including past medical history in brought to the surface for assessment. Here, we get a hold of where your constitution is at and how we can bring it into balance with your natural ‘birthright’ constitution or ‘prakruti’. This is the state of homeostasis in most harmony with health. I will give some initial recommendations and plant allies that will help change patterns and stale frequencies in approach to health and graduating you to a higher octave. 
  • 30 minute check-in after 10-14 days of implementation. 
  • 1 x Full Day Intensive/Immersion for Southern California residents depending on what specific constitution/situation necessitates we can do Marma point accupressure, use the power of indigenous plants in the area to sync you up with a more adaptable way of walking, food prep and food alchemy principles and demonstration, moving some of the energy in vital centers for more alignment or any combination of the aforementioned. (For non residents, a deep dive into dinacharya or daily routine will take place and in depth neurolinguistic programming will take place so that measures that we have taken so far will blossom from seed to fruit.) 
  • Full day vital medicine intensive/immersive - speak to Dr. Hanovnikian for more details. 
  • Re-evalution at 90 days where inventory of the transformational process and tools / medication recommendations are given for sustainable continuation of the established vital harmonic can take place.