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A Medicinal Mung Bean Recipe

A Medicinal Mung Bean Recipe
Medicinal cooking is a language rather than a set prescription - so that we know what to incorporate in any given scenario based on a self-assessment check in on how we’re feeling. This is a light, universal, staple meal where the style can be deconstructed and applied to suit whatever need
✨sprouted mung bean
✨white basmati
✨ginger, garam masala, hing, turmeric, peppercorn, cumin seed, mustard seed, bay leaf powder, dried pomegranate powder
✨potato x 3 small
✨tomato x 1 fresh
✨fresh cilantro
✨green mango pickle
✨mustard oil
✨ginger 1 inch
✨1/2 onion

Heat iron skillet to medium high and add mustard oil, ghee. Wait for oil to heat x 30-60seconds and add mustard seed, cumin, fennel seed, green chili. Add hing. Add salt.

Wait for mustard seeds to sputter and add onion, potato, ginger. Allow to sautee 2-3 mins then cover for 4-5min.

Add turmeric and stir.
Add sprouted mung bean and sautee x 5 mins
Add garam masala.
Garnish with fresh cut cilantro leaf and pickle.
Serve on bed of fluffed basmati. See previous kitcharee recipe to see how to cook perfect rice. It must be washed thoroughly and ratio with clean water is 1:1. Heat to simmer then turn on low and cover.